Mystery Grab Bag Leather Earring Teardrop
Leather Teardrop Mystery Grab Bag

Leather Teardrop Mystery Grab Bag

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What a deal! You choose your size and you will get 5 randomly chosen earrings in that size. Thats less than the price of 2 pairs! They will all be different, could be patterned or solid colors, and could be leather, cork leather, or suede. If you want only one size, choose that size. If you want to try different sizes, choose the all sizes option and could be any size teardrop from 1 1/4 to 3 inches. Photo is an example, NOT the exact set you will get, just an idea of what they will look like. 

No special requests for colors or patterns, this is a grab bag so its all random! If there is a pair you don't like, they will make a great gift! No coupon codes allowed on these items, purchase will be cancelled if coupon code used.

These are FINAL SALE.

Shipping for these is 7-9 business days (not including weekends), and if you purchase any other earrings, all will ship at the later shipping date.